Arizona actors and filmmakers who are actively working >> THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU!
Arizona's Indie Film network is so important, and becoming more powerful with each connection we make. Michael Colvin and Beau Yotty are the fantastic hosts of "The Indie Report," and can take your story from sentiment to publicity.

Contact Melisa at 623-213-7527 or and put yourself in front of an audience who are as passionate about what you do as you are!

The Indie Report is a one hour talk show featuring director's, actor's, writer's and producer's from right here in the valley. We will discuss topic's relevant to independent film and television in Arizona. We also keep things light and entertaining.


Be part of the challenge, show off your creativity and be a star.

What is the challenge? On August 8th 2017 Dimension 5 Productions launched the first ever Facebook Live movie On Messenger  and issued the challenge. The Challenge is for you to go and make your own Facebook Live movie. They should be between 3-5 minutes long and safe. We had our friends from Lemonade Acres on set to help us, so make sure if your doing something daring you seek help to. Then join The Indie Report page on Facebook so you can enjoy other movies as they come in and submit your movie to join the challenge. Remember to be a movie you need a title at the beginning and credits at the end. Have Fun 

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